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Part V: Quiet Confidence

Kamau Hosten

Within the framework of the elegant man lies a quiet confidence. He commands authority due to way he carries himself, his walk, and the manner in which he speaks and interacts with others.  He glides calmly across a room, aware of himself and others’ perception of him. He exudes a casual grace, making others at ease through his relaxed demeanor. That’s the essence of quiet confidence.  

Part IV: Fluidity

Kamau Hosten

Elegance is fluid. The graceful man exudes a certain freedom of self, allowing himself to release not all inhibitions, but arbitrary restrictions. Within him is a sense of joviality that works in tandem with a requite respect of occasion. Both are equal parts of the gentleman, neither no more important than the other. He remembers to have fun, to be accommodating, to release...


Part III: Equanimity

Kamau Hosten

Elegance is equanimity. The root of it being a demeanor that one exudes throughout scenarios. Within that air is certain calmness. That’s not to indicate a lack of excitability or exuberance, but rather the art of maintaining one’s composure. This is a life long effort. This takes patience, a sense of awareness, and an exhausting commitment to the high road...



Part II: Authenticity

Kamau Hosten

Elegance is authenticity.  There’s distinct line in the sands of disposition. On one side, there are those who do their best to play a role for the sake of promoting themselves: the man who uses the “right” lines to satisfy his amorous ambitions, versus the romantic who’s sincere in his words and actions. It’s an overall approach that takes effort.

Part I: An Introduction to Elegance

Kamau Hosten

To be elegant is to glide through the vagaries of life with a consistent, and understated refinement and dignity, regardless of the scenario. It, the core of elegance, is a sense of grace and humility that lingers with others long after a brief, yet pivotal interaction.  There is a distinct, and nuanced, appreciation of beauty in carrying out even the most mundane duties...

A Series on Elegance

Kamau Hosten

As of the beginning of August, I started a series on elegance in collaboration with the good gentleman at Genteel Flair. As part of the collaboration, a weekly feature on what it means to be elegant, broken down in evolving components, will appear on Genteel Flair, with a teaser on this site.


The series further enhances my take on what elegance truly is more than what it isn’t. Much like the overall theme of this site, elegance is far reaching. It encompasses how we carry ourselves. To whittle it down, it’s about making those choices that be laborious, initially, but yields greater, more satisfying results in the long term. Short cuts are popular these days, but not always advantageous.