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Essential: The Suede Captoe

Kamau Hosten

 Outside of formal occasions, there's no instance where the brown suede captoe is unwelcome. Either the more casual blucher or the dressier balmoral, the shoe lends a casual appeal to an ensemble. According to Alan Flusser, the suede lace-up owes its popularity to the Duke of Windsor. Duke of Windsor, then Prince of Wales, reportedly visited the U.S. wearing a reverse calf shoe. I imagine it began as something to go with the distinct look of English country wear: heavy tweeds in brown and camel. Either way, it caught on and has been a staple of well-dressed men since.

Trousers and socks by Brioni, shoes by Carmina

Trousers and socks by Brioni, shoes by Carmina

It's a nice alternative to a polished calf dress shoe when paired with suits in varying weights. When the shine contrasts too greatly with subdued textures, enter the suede.

It's essential due to it's versatility; a truly year-round shoe, it can be paired with linen suits in shades of tan, varying blues and gray as well as heavier chinos in rust and deep burgundy.