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Blue Suede Monk Strap

Kamau Hosten

Brown and black shoes are the accepted choices for the foundation of a man's footwear selection. With good reason; both will pair nicely with a range of suits and odd trousers. Black with charcoal, navy and black and brown with just about every other option. Following a substantial collection of said basics, a rakish option is next. The blue suede monk is remarkable choice. With a relatively classic styling, the texture and color announces the wearer's confidence and, lack of convention. Chances are strong you'll be the only person in your circle wearing them, unless you're positioned outside the shows of the upcoming Pitti Uomo.

Shoes by Brioni

The monk strap is already a jaunty choice for those bored with oxfords and derbies. Though it's technically a notch down on the formality level for some, it's certainly welcome in a room full of laces. In black or brown calf, the monk has emerged as  smart alternative. For more substantial fabrics like donegal tweed or flannel, the suede monk, in chocolate or snuff  suede, compliments the more rugged texture of the trousers or suit. Add to that another element of, "And, what?" with the blue suede and you've about rendered the onlookers speechless.

With a shoe that's so attention-grabbing, the rest of the fit should be relatively restrained. I mean, you're wearing blue suede monks, so you kind of want them to be seen. Pale grey suits and trousers work best, to my mind. Such options offer a subdued contrast to the vibrant texture and color. The shoe may fade into navy trousers too much, though jeans are a decent option. Beige or light brown flannel would also highlight the shoe.

It's not for those wanting to blend it. To be clear, this is a shoe that will turn some heads.