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Fine & Dandy

Kamau Hosten

Just a few blocks west of the fast fashion, big retailers in midtown Manhattan, sits Fine and Dandy, a small shop in Hell's Kitchen. The shop has been in its unassuming location for about a year, though the website has been open since 2008. The owners, Enrique Crame III and Matt Fox, were featured in the book I am Dandy.


On a mild Saturday, I made it a goal to visit the shop, which I'd read about in Rose Callahan's above mentioned book. Fox and Crame have made the most of a quaint space, which is remarkably well curated.


Among the pieces produced under the Fine and Dandy name are scarves, ties and pocket squares. I found a paisley wool scarf with green piping which I wore out of the shop. Additionally, the pieces under the Fine and Dandy name are locally produced.


The shop eschews trends in favor of locally produced  pieces and vintage merchandise. In addition, there are a number of trinkets that the well dressed man covets. Items like crystal whiskey decanters, hand-carved walking sticks, vintage top hats and cufflinks adorns the shelves. The majority are accessories which separate the elegant  gentleman from the masses: ribbed cashmere socks, wallets, passport holders, wool and silk pocket squares. All of the details that dapper gentlemen pays acute attention to can be found within these walls. Repp ties and bowties, ribbon belts and needlepoint belts are all regularly stocked pieces that evoke a forgotten whimsical, yet elegantly preppy approach to dressing.


The shop is well worth a trip for those visiting-and new-to the city. For the natives who appreciate menswear and haven't been yet, there's just no excuse.